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Mobilize your Forms with FastField

Instantly deploy forms to a mobile workforce and collect cleaner richer information in real-time from your smartphones and tablets.

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Collect your Data in Real-Time

Capture richer and more robust data through the collection of photos, videos, audio, drawings, geo locations and more!

Award Winning Apps!

Distribute your Forms Instantly

With a click of a button, your forms are available to your entire mobile workforce. No printing, scanning or copying!

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Immediate Access to your Data

Your Data, Your Way!

Easily retrieve your form data through the FastField Data Retrieval APIs or via our Data Access Portal!

Your Forms, Your Data, Anytime Anywhere!

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FastField Forms

FastField is a highly flexible and dynamic mobile forms solution that allows you to efficiently collect rich data from your mobile workforce. FastField instantly delivers your custom forms through intuitive smartphone and tablet applications.

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Educational Apps

Merge Mobile is leader in Mobile Software development. We've received several awards for our consumer apps and have been featured several times both in the Apple and Android Stores.


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Enterprise Solutions

As a leader in mobile software solutions, we can help your business create a mobile solution that best meets your business and technology needs. We offer enterprise level customizations and integration services to deliver the highest quality software solutions.

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